Sentence Examples with the word obelisk

And the elector Maximilian I., the obelisk erected to the 30,000 Bavarians who perished in Napoleon's expedition to Moscow, the Wittelsbach fountain (1895), the monument commemorative of the peace of 1871, and the marble statue of Justus Liebig, the chemist, set up in 1883.

Near it an obelisk commemorates the departure of George IV.

S.E., where an obelisk (1863) commemorates the effort made to preserve the Danish language in Schleswig.

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The origin of the obelisk may be sought in sacred upright stones set up in honour of gods and dead, like the menhirs, and the Semitic Massebahs and bethels.

On the Castlebrow Hill, an artificial mound probably of pre-Norman origin, an obelisk was raised in 1788 in memory of the revolution of 1688.

On the esplanade stands an obelisk to Henry Bell, the pioneer of steam navigation, who died at Helensburgh in 1830.

An obelisk of Shalmaneser II.

The obelisk was twenty feet away.

At Annonay there is an obelisk in honour of the brothers Montgolfier, inventors of the balloon, who were natives of the place.

In his time as White God, the obelisk had been the source and seat of power for the White Gods in the immortal world.