Sentence Examples with the word obdurate

The scientist in Quinn yearned for answers and it was killing him that Howie was obdurate about limiting his gift.

All that was absent was Quinn; obdurate Quinn, first to argue, first to grumble and sole engineer of his sensitive equipment.

If Pharaoh still remains obdurate his first-born is threatened (iv.

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The Spaniards on their side were obdurate on the subjects of freedom of trade in the Indies and of freedom of religious worship. At last, after the negotiations had been repeatedly on the point of breaking off, a compromise was effected by the mediation of the envoys of France and England.

At home Kruger continued as obdurate as ever.

As a politician he was one of the leaders of modern Liberalism, and though always loyal when appeals were made to patriotism, such as government demands for the army, he remained obdurate on constitutional questions; and he resolutely opposed the reactionary policy of the Prussian Conservatives.