Sentence Examples with the word obadiah

In Obadiah the conception is quite definite.

In Ob.), identified the prophet with the best-known Obadiah of the historical books, the protector of the prophets in the reign of Ahab (1 Kings xviii.).

Elijah emerged from his retirement in the third year, when, the famine having reached its worst, Ahab and his minister Obadiah had themselves to search the land for provender for the royal stables.

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Graf (Jeremia, p. 558 f.), Robertson Smith and others, that Jeremiah and our book of Obadiah alike quote from an older oracle.

The crusaders did something to develop it by establishing a bishopric with a large church, which still exists (as a mosque); here were shown the tombs of Elisha, Obadiah and St John the Baptist.

The chief interest of the book of Obadiah lies in its references to the historical relations between Israel and Edom.

Important also are the introduction to and commentary upon the Mishnah by Maimonides (q.v.), and the commentary of Rabbenu Obadiah di Bertinoro (died 1510).

We may, therefore, with Wellhausen, Nowack and Marti, assign Obadiah 1-14 to the same period.

The Newport church extended its influence into Massachusetts, and in 1649 we find a group of Baptists at Rehoboth, with Obadiah Holmes as leader.

Micah of Mareshah and Obadiah of Bethhaccerem, see Cheyne, Ency.