Sentence Examples with the word oat

There are now n-, y varieties of the cultivated oat included under two principr races - common FIG.

The oat crop in 1909 was 37,365,000 bushels; the Indian corn crop, 1,910,000 bushels; the wheat crop, 24,120,000 bushels; the barley crop, 8,820,000 bushels; the rye crop, 2,720,000 bushels; buckwheat, 7,512,000 bushels.

The origin of the cultivated oat is generally believed to be A.

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Besides the use of the straw when cut up and mixed with other food for fodder, the oat grain constitutes an important food for both man and beast.

The annual average oat crop in all Canada is estimated at about 248 million bushels.

The oat crop was 10,886,000 bushels.

Its principle was exactly house, that of the clearing houses used by the railways and the oat to n nk an d banks, the cancellation of indebtedness and discharge periodic s i mply of balances.

In 1909 the oat crop was 1 5,39 0, 000 bushels from 300,000 acres; the acreage of wheat in 1909 was 350,000 and the production 10,764,000 bushels; the acreage of barley in 1909 was 50,000 acres, and 1,900,000 bushels were raised; the acreage of Indian corn in 1909 was 5000 acres, and 175,000 bushels were grown.

The form Avenae will grow on oat and many grasses but not on the other three cereals mentioned.

In the cultivated oat it may be wanting, and if present it is not so stiff and is seldom bent.