Sentence Examples with the word o'hara

Mr. O'Hara quickly recovered from his astonishment and came to her aid.

Mrs. O'Hara absently centered the cake on the table.

Obviously Mom had joined the ranks of those who thought marrying Denton was the only way she could live up to the O'Hara name.

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Mrs. O'Hara glanced up when Megan entered.

Whether or not Mr. O'Hara had an heir was the least of his concerns.

Mrs. O'Hara avoided Megan's gaze.

Mr. O'Hara stared at her, the cogs of thought turning.

Mr. O'Hara glanced around the hazy room and quirked a silver brow.

The leading men of the party were Mr Robert O'Hara Burke, an officer of police, and Mr William John Wills, of the Melbourne observatory.

The chief monuments and statues of the city are the statue of Queen Victoria in the vestibule of the Houses of Parliament, and a colossal group commemorating the explorers Robert O'Hara Bourke (b.