Sentence Examples with the word o'brien

As Dean took off his overcoat, Janet O'Brien and her young niece Martha arrived.

Dean often thought if Janet O'Brien were pushing a grocery cart containing all of her belongings, she wouldn't seem out of place.

Barry O'Brien (2 vols., London, 1893); R.

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Mr William O'Brien presided at the inaugural dinner on the 12th of April, and some English M.P.'s were present, but his chief supporter throughout was Father Humphreys.

The pair returned to the first floor where they located Janet O'Brien dusting the parlor.

During the hurried explanations of her mother's condition, her trip home and hushed comments on the recent happenings, it was moments before Dean noticed Janet O'Brien sitting in the far corner.

Dean agreed and telephoned Janet O'Brien from the hall but there was no answer.

He married in 1830 Hannah O'Brien Chaplin (1809-1865), who was herself the author of The Earnest Man, a biography of Adoniram Judson (1855), and of The History of the English Bible (1859), besides being her husband's able assistant in his Hebrew studies.

The town was several times plundered by the Danes in the 9th century; it was laid waste by Dermot O'Brien in 1071, and was burned in 1137.

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