Sentence Examples with the word nutritional

It will analyze and record the nutritional content of your meal.

If that were not enough to tax nutritional science, add the challenge of needing to study the effects of nutrition over long periods of time to get meaningful results.

Right now, food with low nutritional value is grown because we don't have an easy way to look at a carrot and know the exact nutritional makeup of that carrot along with every trace chemical on its surface.

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This will produce extremely specific nutritional information for just you, will add years to your life, and will increase its quality as well.

The second way people choose a nutritional theory is to develop it from their overall social and political understanding of the world.

Then, factor in how income, region, and religion influence what people eat and their nutritional outcomes.

It is just a question, however, whether, even in instances such as these, the nutritional failure may not be explained upon the assumption of withdrawal of the local vasomotor control.

Our ability to measure the nutritional value of each piece of food will rise, our knowledge of what makes food healthy will expand, and consumers will demand and receive vastly more information about their food.