Sentence Examples with the word nutrition

The secreting cells never show this change, although they may become atrophied or destroyed by the pressure and the disturbance of nutrition brought about by the swollen condition of the capillary walls.

They are thus induced to be out the whole day, and to take food with an appetite which greatly improves their nutrition and aids their restoration to health.

But the proper nutrition of the conducting substance is indissolubly dependent on the cell branches being in continuity with the cell body and nucleus it contains.

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Our starting-point in this, as in all departments of biological study, must be the biological unit, and it is to the alterations to which this is subject, under varying conditions of nutrition and stimulation, that the science of pathology must apply itself.

Dietaries are everywhere the same; they are calculated with great nicety according to the time of durance, and afford variety and ample nutrition without running into excess.

The building up and nutrition of the living substance by the foods manufactured or absorbed is properly spoken of as the assimilation of such food.

When the bud is nearly complete, the body-wall of the parent immediately below it becomes perforated, placing the coelenteric cavity of the parent in secondary communication with that of the bud (H), doubtless for the better nutrition of the latter.

It is supposed that these remarkable phenomena have gradually been evoked by difference in the nutrition of the alternating generations.

The subtle interplay of everything involved in nutrition is vastly more complex than our minds are able to handle.

In order to keep the blood in a satisfactory condition it must be well supplied with fresh nutriment, and the products Nutrition of waste freely eliminated.