Sentence Examples with the word numidian

The marbles of Shemtu are the finest pink Numidian marbles, which were much esteemed by the Carthaginians and Romans.

The place was named Hippo Regius (Royal) by the Romans because it was a favourite residence of the Numidian kings.

After the capture of Carthage by Scipio (146 B.C.) this territory was erected into a Roman province, and a trench, the fossa regia, was dug to mark the boundary of the Roman province of Africa and the dominions of the Numidian princes.

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It was in these coast mountains of Algeria that the Romans quarried the celebrated Numidian marbles.

Then Secundus himself with seventy of the Numidian bishops arrived at Carthage.

Indeed, where men live mainly on milk and flesh, consuming the latter raw or roasted, so that its salts are not lost, it is not necessary to add sodium chloride, and thus we understand how the Numidian nomads in the time of Sallust and the Bedouins of Hadramut at the present day never eat salt with their food.

Algerian onyx from Ain Tekbalet was used by the Romans, and many ancient quarries have been found near Kleber in the department of Oran, some being certainly those from which the long-lost Numidian marbles were taken.

At the end of the war the victorious Romans confiscated the dominions of Syphax, and gave them to Massinissa, whose sway extended from the frontier of Mauretania to the boundary of the Carthaginian territory, and also south and east as far as the Cyrenaica (Appian, Punica, 106), so that the Numidian kingdom entirely surrounded Carthage except towards the sea.

Early in the 4th century the study of grammar was represented in northern Africa by the Numidian tiro, Nonius Marcellus (fl.

In the war of Maxentius against Alexander, the Numidian usurper, it was laid in ruins; and on its restoration in A.D.