Sentence Examples with the word numerator

This is done by multiplying both numerator and denominator by 7; i.e.

B,, Y the numerator (or denominator) of the last preceding term by the corresponding quotient and adding the numerator (or denominator) of the term before that.

If the numerator is a multiple of 5, the fraction represents twentieths.

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Further, the numerator factor establishes that these are not all algebraically independent,, but are connected by a syzygy of degree order 6, 6.

If this arrangement is expressed by a fraction, the numerator of which indicates the number of turns, and the denominator the number of internodes in the spiral cycle, the fraction will be found to represent the angle of divergence of the consecutive leaves on the axis.

Making the substitution in any symbolic product the only determinant factors that present themselves in the numerator are of the form (af), (bf), (cf),...and every symbol a finally appears in the form.

The Babylonians expressed numbers less than r by the numerator of a fraction with denominator 60; the numerator only being written.

Is less than 2 o o If the numerator of the fraction consists of an integer and 4 - e.g.

Must have a least value, which is moreover positive, since the numerator and denominator are both essentially positive.

If we write 74 in the form 47 we may say that the value of a fraction is not altered by multiplying or dividing the numerator and denominator by any number.