Sentence Examples with the word numeration

With Regard To The Numeration Of The Years Previous To The Commencement Of The Era, The Practice Is Not Uniform.

At present, both in N and B, Hebrews is placed after 2 Thess., but in B there is also a continuous numeration of sections throughout the epistles, according to which I to 58 cover Romans to Galatians, but Ephesians, the next epistle, begins with 70 instead of 59, and the omitted section numbers are found in Hebrews.

This method of numeration dates from the time of Guzman Blanco, but the common people adhere to the names bestowed upon the city squares in earlier times.

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The medieval Arabians invented our system of numeration and developed algebra.

A decimal system of numeration was used, with numbers going up to io,000.

Discrepancies between Numeration and Notation.

The numeration was in the denary scale, so that it did not agree absolutely with the notation.

Here we must bear in mind that Hebrew numeration always includes the day which is the terminus a quo as well as that which is term.

Other Methods of Numeration and Notation.

The systems adopted for numeration and for notation do not always agree with one another; nor do they always correspond with the idea which the numbers subjectively present.