Sentence Examples with the word numeral

The unsaturated members of the series are named on the Geneva system in which the termination -ane is replaced by-ene, -diene, -triene, according to the number of double linkages in the compound, the position of such double linkages being shown by a numeral immediately following the suffix -ene; for example I.

As a numeral C denotes 100.

If the interpretation of the Maya calculiform glyphs be trustworthy, these people had carried their numeral system into the hundreds of thousands and devised symbols for recording such high numbers.

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In others there are no special dual forms, but the numeral for two is used to indicate the dual.

In this way the history of numeral words furnishes actual proof of that independent intel lectural progress among savage tribes which some writers have rashly denied.

It has been suggested that names of this kind may have been the, origin of the numeral words of different races; but it is improbable that direct visual perception would lead to a name for a number unless a name based on a process of counting had previously been given to it.

In most of the languages there are no changes in nouns to form the plural, but an added numeral indicates number.

This, like the numeral symbols later identified with L and M, was thus utilized since it was not required as a letter, there being no sound in 'Latin corresponding to the Greek B.

Then at Abydus, or more probably from Babylonia, there is the large bronze lion-weight, stated to have been originally 400,500 grains; this has been continually divided by 60 by different writers, regardless of the fact (Rev. arch., 1862, 30) that it bears the numeral 100; this therefore is certainly a talent of 100 minae of 4005; and as the mina is generally 50 shekels in Greek systems it points to a weight of 80.1.

There are no numeral auxiliaries or segregatives used in counting, as in many languages of eastern Asia, though words expressive of a collective or integral are often used after the tens, sometimes after a smaller number.