Sentence Examples with the word numbers

Lesser mendicant orders sprang up in all directions - Gasquet mentions half a dozen such that found their way into England (English Monastic Life, p. 241) - in such numbers that the Council of Lyons in 1274 found it necessary to suppress all except the orders already named.

Funerals were also times of much feasting, and at the death of people of rank and wealth numbers of bullocks were and are still killed.

The flora of Finland has been most minutely explored, especially in the south, and the Finnish botanists were enabled to divide the country into twenty-eight different provinces, giving the numbers of phanerogam species for each province.

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There is a good deal of uncertainty in regard to both the exact position and the numbers of the nobles and freedmen of Tacitus's age.

Great numbers of mulberry trees are grown in the neighbourhood.

It was a mere rump, for wholesale executions had thinned its numbers and the reconquered countries were not represented in it.

They Are Therefore Connected With The Golden Numbers By The Formula (I), In Which N Is Any Whole Number; Andor A Whole Lunar Cycle (Supposing The First Epact To Be 11), They Are As Follows: 11, 22, 3, 14, 25, 6, 17, 28, 9, 20, I, 12, 23, 4, 15, 26, 7, 18, 29.

Occasionally special expeditions are arranged to procure numbers of particular birds or mammals, but these are extremely costly and the mortality is usually high.

But the Prussians having studied their allies in the war of 1864 knew the weakness of the Austrian staff and the untrustworthiness of the contingents of some of the Austrian nationalities, and felt fairly confident that against equal numbers they could hold their own.

The weight of the function is bipartite and consists of the two numbers Ep and Eq; the symbolic expression of the symmetric function is a partition into biparts (multiparts) of the bipartite (multipartite) number Ep, Eq.