Sentence Examples with the word number one

It seems there's some confusion on how son number one died.

Cynthia asked out of the blue, somewhere between manhattan number one and number two.

All I accomplished was becoming a number one ass.

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Consider Jedediah Buxton of Derbyshire, England, who in the 1700s was asked to compute the number one would get by doubling a farthing 139 times.

The inhabitants, who number one to two hundred, speak Sokotri and Arabic and are chiefly engaged in diving for pearl shell on the Bacchus Bank N.E.

Thus the cardinal number one is the class of unit classes, the cardinal number two is the class of doublets, and so on.

The earrings were beautiful, though diamonds weren't her number one choice of gems.

He would then begin again at the next fifty; seeming to commence at number one each time, as though he could not count more than fifty, and it was only by such a large number of fifties being found together, that his astonishment at the multitude of pages was excited.