Sentence Examples with the word nucleolus

Division of the nucleolus and formation of nuclear plate.

The nucleolus shows an unstainable point at the centre known as the endonucleolus or nucleoluolus (Auerbach).

The nucleolus is elongated, and its longest measurement lies in the direction of the equatorial plane of the nucleus.

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In other cases the two nuclei place themselves side by side, the nuclear membrane between them disappears, and the contents fuse togethernuclear thread with nuclear thread, and nucleolus with nucleolusso completely that the separate constituents of the nuclei are not visible.

Division of the nucleolus without any evidence of division of the nucleus.

The nucleolus appears to form a part of t-he Linin network, but has usually also a strong affinity for nuclear stains.

Division of the nucleolus by elongation, construction, and equilateral division of the nucleus.

I, B) out of which is evolved the nucleolus and nuclear network (figs.

The relation of the nucleolus to the chromosomes is clearly seen in the reconstruction of the daughter nuclei after division in the cells of the root-apex of Phaseolus (fig.

Cell in process of karyokinetic division with retention of the nucleolus during the division.