Sentence Examples with the word nuclear

Adroit management of the nuclear environment was therefore not the real issue.

Consider, for example, the security implications of commercially available high-resolution satellite imagery of South Asian nuclear facilities.

Rutherford had announced the nuclear theory of atomic structure which required each atom to consist of a minute positively charged nucleus about which negative electrons were distributed.

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On the other, the IAEA's mandate promotes the dangerous myth of peaceful nuclear power.

These forms were elongated and spindle-like; and to one end of the body, near which the smaller nuclear element was situated, a well-developed flagellum was attached.

D, Nuclear cavity with chromosomes.

The daughter nuclei may have arrived at the anaphase stage, and have even gone the length of forming a nuclear membrane, without an equatorial depression having shown itself in the cell-body.

It is interesting to note that in many species the formation of new cell-walls is initiated before any indication of nuclear division is to he seen.

The half-demon had the impact of a nuclear bomb with absolutely no control.

Between the nuclear association and the nuclear fusion in the basidium many thousands of cell generations may be intercalated.