Sentence Examples with the word nubian

This cantonment occupies the site of a Nubian village, and round it has grown a thriving town, at first named Taufikia, but now called Haifa.

The Nubian goat, which is met with in Nubia, Upper Egypt and Abyssinia, differs greatly in appearance from those previously described.

In the Nubian Desert the chief tribes are the Ababda and Bisharin, the last named grazing their camels in the mountainous districts towards the Red Sea.

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On the other hand one of his latest works, the Nubische Grammatik (1880), is an elaborate grammar of the then littleknown Nubian language, preceded by a linguistic sketch of the African continent.

The northern races, such as the Nubian G.

The hieroglyphs and inscriptions in Meroitic belong mostly to the first six centuries A.D.; the existing Nubian MSS.

Syene appears also to have flourished under its first Arab rulers, but in the 12th century was raided and ruined by Bedouin and Nubian tribes.

There are two races, of which the Nubian E.

The greater part of the region between the coast and the Nile is known as the Nubian Desert.

Griffith, 45 which has resulted in an unrivalled series of Nubian pottery from the earliest to the latest times, and that of Prof. Garstang at Meroe, 46 in the far S., which has shown us a barbaric culture of Egyptian origin, strongly influenced by the Ptolemaic and Roman civilization of its time: this is the culture of the Candaces.