Sentence Examples with the word nth

The bones of St Kilian, the patron saint of Wiirzburg, are preserved in the Neumiinster church, which dates from the nth century; Walther von der Vogelweide is buried in the adjoining cloisters.

Young advised them to call their state Vermont, and he also sent through them a circular letter, dated the nth of April 1777, urging the people to adopt a state constitution on the Pennsylvania model.

It was in this house that Lord Howe on the nth of September 1776 held a peace conference with Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Edward Rutledge representing the Continental Congress.

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As early as the nth century the Novgorodians had occasionally penetrated into Siberia; but the fall of the republic and the loss of its north-eastern dependencies checked the advance of the Russians across the Urals.

Normandy was the best-governed part of France in the nth century; and the Danes in East Anglia and the Five Burgs were in many regards a model to their Saxon neighbours (Steenstrup, op. cit.

In the early middle ages Assisi was subject to the dukes of Spoleto; but in the nth century it seems to have been independent.

His system was' adopted by Abu'l-walid ibn Jannah, of Saragossa (died early in the nth century), in his lexicon (Kitab al-usul, in Arabic) and other works.

In this case the sum to n terms of the series is equal to the nth convergent of the fraction.

On the nth of June he was included by the House of Commons, in spite of a recommendatory letter from Monk, among the twenty persons excepted from the act of indemnity and subject to penalties not extending to life.

The small divisions on the scale corresponded to differences of nth of a grain in the weight of the instrument.