Sentence Examples with the word nowhere

It is spoken nowhere else, though, as has been said, place-names in the Canary Islands and other remains of the aboriginal language there prove it to have been the native tongue.

Damian was nowhere to be seen.

The Indus, which is nowhere bridged within the district, is navigable by native boats.

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Fortunately, Alex was nowhere in sight when she entered the house.

The buffalo and longhorns were nowhere in sight, so there was no need to be concerned about their safety.

The lam separating them from the Mediterranean is nowhere more than 10 m wide.

From the shore, which throughout its eastern side nowhere faces open water.

It is nowhere else recorded that Napier suffered from the gout.

By them the demonstration of Harvey that the circulation of the blood is in large part a mechanical process, and nowhere independent of mechanical laws, was considerably enlarged and extended.

Back then you came out of nowhere and married my mother out of the blue.