Sentence Examples with the word novice

It is easy, therefore, to imagine what humiliations and privations must have awaited the novice who had still to earn a name.

He was born at Vicchio, in the Tuscan province of Mugello, of unknown but seemingly well-to-do parentage, in 1387 (not 1390 as sometimes stated); in 1407 he became a novice in the convent of S.

When eleven years old he was entered as a novice in the Norman monastery of St Evroul en Ouche, which Earl Roger had formerly persecuted but, in his later years, was loading with gifts.

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He was accepted as a novice at the age of sixteen, and sent to pursue his studies at the College Louis le Grand in Paris.

He became a novice of the Society of Jesus before completing his studies at the university of Lyons, where, after taking the final vows, he lectured on philosophy to students attracted by his fame from all parts of France.

In 1787 he became a novice at the abbey of St Benoit-surLoire; but he left the abbey in 1789 and returned to his college, where, in addition to his mathematical duties, he was frequently called to lecture on other subjects, - rhetoric, philosophy and history.

He was able to ski from the summit, but only on those slopes and trails designated blue or green, novice or intermediate.

Young as she was, she came as no innocent novice to a country seething with all the perfidious ambitions that a religious revolution brings to the surface.

An Indian sweetmeat is stirred up in water with a two-edged sword and the novice repeats after the officiant the articles of his faith.

The course of training to which a novice had to submit was protracted, extending sometimes over twenty years.