Sentence Examples with the word novelty

Opening from the chamber was a fine bathroom having a marble tub with perfumed water; so the boy, still dazed by the novelty of his surroundings, indulged in a good bath and then selected a maroon velvet costume with silver buttons to replace his own soiled and much worn clothing.

With this one may compare the Phoenician myth (now in a late source) which ascribed the novelty of the use of skins to the hero Usoos (cf.

To circumscribe the influence of the ruling favourites he next suggested the formation of a cabinet council of six or eight ministers, through whom all the business of the state was to be transacted; but Catherine, suspecting in the skilfully presented novelty a subtle attempt to limit her power, rejected it after some hesitation.

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Secondly, for the sake of novelty they extended their range, including scientific and technical subjects, but handling them, and teaching their pupils to handle them, in a popular way.

He knew that love of novelty and contempt for the gouty old king and his greedy courtiers had brought about this bloodless triumph; and he felt instinctively that he had to deal with a new France, which would not tolerate despotism.

More recently a startling novelty in the way of system has been produced by van Tieghem, as follows: Monocotyledons.

To be called beautiful was a novelty in his experience.

His itinerant justices were not altogether a novelty in England or Normandy.

It is obvious that such a right was a novelty hitherto unrecognized by any system of law.

A novelty in winding arrangements is the substitution of the electromotor for the steam engine, which has been effected in a few instances.