Sentence Examples with the word nouvelle

Here he wrote La Nouvelle Heloise; here he indulged in the passion which that novel partly represents, his love for Madame d'Huodetot, sister-in-law of Madame d'Epinay, a lady young and amiable, but plain, who had a husband and a lover (St Lambert), and whom Rousseau's devotion seems to have partly pleased and partly annoyed.

During the revolution of 1848, of which he took an unduly sanguine view, he once more turned journalist for a short time in the Ere nouvelle and other papers.

In 1816 Vieillot published at Paris an Analyse d'une nouvelle ornithologie elementaire, containing a method of classification which he had tried in vain to get printed before, both in Turin and in London.

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DaP4 References For Symmetric Functions.-Albert Girard, In- -vention nouvelle en l'algebre (Amsterdam, 1629); Thomas Waring, Meditationes Algebraicae (London, 1782); Lagrange, de l'acad.

Legrand, Daos: tableau de la comedie grecque pendant la pe'riode dite nouvelle (1910).

Others of interest are: Antee, revue mensuelle de litterature (1904); L'Art et la vie (1892); Cosmopolis (1896); L'Ermitage (1890); Le Mercure de France, serie moderne (1890), a magazine greatly valued in literary circles; La Revue de Paris, fortnightly (1894), and the Nouvelle Revue (1879) a compositor, and by translating from the English earned sufficient to purchase the moribund Revue des deux mondes, which acquired its subsequent position in spite of the tyrannical editorial behaviour of the proprietor.

Gonino and Conant); a romance, Une Princesse indienne avant la conquete (1888); A travers les forets vierges (1890); and Manuscrit Ramirez: Histoire de l'origine des Indiens qui habitent la Nouvelle Espagne scion leurs traditions (1903).

Vernes, Nouvelle hypothese sur la comp. et l'origine du Deut.

Bertrand, Une nouvelle conception de la redemption.

Some years after his return to Basel he published an essay, entitled Nouvelle Theorie de la manoeuvre des vaisseaux.