Sentence Examples with the word nouveau

The spread of Lavoisier's doctrines was greatly facilitated by the defined and logical form in which he presented them in his Traite elementaire de chimie (presente dans un ordre nouveau et d'apres les decouvertes modernes) (1789).

The Rituel cathare de Lyon and the Nouveau Testament en provencal) contain very inadequate information concerning their metaphysical principles and moral practice.

Bobillier in the memoir Essai sur un nouveau mode de recherche des proprietes de l'etendue (Gerg.

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He took holy orders in 1676, and two years later the king gave him the abbey of Aulnay, where he wrote his Questiones Aletuanae (Caen, 1690), his Censura philosophiae Cartesianae (Paris, 1689), his Nouveau memoire pour servir a l'histoire du Cantesianisme (1692), and his discussion with Boileau on the Sublime.

But the most noticeable passage in Le Nouveau spiritualisme (1884) is its contrast between the old and the new; where he says that the old spiritualism opposed spirit to matter, God to Nature, the new spiritualism places matter in spirit, Nature in God (p. 377).

In 1622 he had contributed four pieces to the Nouveau Parnasse Satirique, a miscellany of verse by many hands.

By Cunitz (Jena, 1852); the Nouveau Testament en provencal, ed.

The series in 19to extended to eighty-eight volumes; that for 1910 being the third of the Nouveau recueil general (23 me serie).

Von Humboldt, Voyage aux regions equinoxiales du nouveau continent (Paris, 1807 sqq.); A.

His other works are: La Me'taphysique et la science (1858), Essais de philosophie critique (1864), La Religion (1869), La Science et la conscience (1870), Le Nouveau Spiritualisme (1884), La Democratic liberale (1892).