Sentence Examples with the word noumenon

Hence it is the office of the theory of knowledge to show that the Ego posits the thing per se as only existing for itself, a noumenon in the sense of a product of its own thinking.

In theology the fundamental problems of ontological philosophy were faced; the relationship of unity to multiplicity, of noumenon to phenomena, of God to man.

Lastly, Fichte called this system realism, in so far as it posits the thing in itself as another thing; idealism, in so far as it posits it as a noumenon which is a product of its own thinking; and on the whole real idealism or ideal realism.

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Such a noumenon looks very like body or matter.

If we wish, said Kant, to give a real existence to the thing in itself or the noumenon we can only do so by investing it with the attributes found in our own internal sense, viz.

Hicks, Die Begriffe Pheinomenon and Noumenon in ihrem Verhdltniss zu einander bei Kant (1897); G.

The idea of a noumenon is thus a limiting notion.