Sentence Examples with the word notify

We are obliged to notify the local authority of the arrival of an unaccompanied minor.

It is compulsory on owners to notify the authorities as to the existence of scab amongst their sheep. By the Diseases of Animals Act (1903) powers to prescribe the dipping of sheep, irrespective of the presence or otherwise of sheep scab, were conferred upon the Board of Agriculture.

On a vacancy occurring, the dean and chapter notify the king thereof in chancery, and pray make election.

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The signatory powers desiring to apply to the tribunal for the settlement of a difference between them are to notify the same to the arbitrators.

Italy was the first of the Powers to notify its recognition of Rumanian independence (December 1879); but Bismarck succeeded in prevailing on the Western Powers not Estab- to give official recognition until Rumania should have purchased the railways from their German owners.

Usually. We'll notify his doctor that he was awake briefly today.

It also compels dairymen to notify infectious diseases existing among their servants.

In July 1755 a very polite and, as far as Voltaire was concerned, indirect resolution of the Consistory declared that in consequence of these proceedings of the Sieur de Voltaire the pastors should notify their flocks to abstain, and that the chief syndic should be informed of the Consistory's perfect confidence that the edicts would be carried out.

Through the British lines to notify Montgomery, at Montreal, of Arnold's arrival.

No one knew of any next of kin to notify and Dean and Sackler were back at headquarters before four.