Sentence Examples with the word noticeably

All the large cities of Brazil are liberally provided with tramways, those of the city of Sao Paulo, where electric traction is used, being noticeably good.

But slight differences may readily be detected even where no feature interferes noticeably with the monotony.

We cannot but suppose that at a time when the number of the original band of disciples of Jesus who survived must have been becoming noticeably smaller, and all these were advanced in life, the importance of writing down that which had been orally delivered concerning the Gospel-history must have been realized.

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While this approached the average-3.5 for all the states west of the Rocky Mountains taken together, with the exception of Colorado, which had 5.2 - it was noticeably higher than that of its immediate neighbours, Idaho (1.9), Arizona (1.1) and Nevada (0.4).

And is noticeably free from islands.

It was at once reprinted in England, France and Germany, attracting wide praise by its remarkable simplicity and vigour, and especially by reason of its philanthropic provisions in the code of reform and prison discipline, which noticeably influenced the penal legislation of various countries.

Wells, Adams's great-grandson - a valuable biography, containing a mass of information, but noticeably biassed; J.

North of the Thames, and west of its tributary the Lea, which partly bounds the administrative county on the east, London is built upon a series of slight undulations, only rarely sufficient to make the streets noticeably steep. On the northern boundary of the county a height of 443 ft.

There has been some improvement, however, while some of the heavier white wines, noticeably the Marsala of Sicily, have excellent keeping qualities.

Although the order which includes song-birds is numerous in species and individuals, it is noticeably poor in really good songsters.