Sentence Examples with the word nothing

For you see no one point precisely; not one distinct feature is revealed; no nose, eyes, ears, or mouth; no face; he has none, proper; nothing but that one broad firmament of a forehead, pleated with riddles; dumbly lowering with the doom of boats, and ships, and men.

Corps a few weeks before; he had come from the Asiago uplands and knew little or nothing of the II.

Dusty knew nothing of the immortal divisions, but since an Other was the evil equivalent of a Watcher, they were in some serious trouble.

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The book contained much invective against Pitt, and in after life Coleridge declared that, with this exception, and a few pages involving philosophical tenets which he afterwards rejected, there was little or nothing he desired to retract.

It met now and then, and directed sentiment, being twice dispersed by United States troops; but it passed no laws, and did nothing that conflicted with the Territorial government countenanced by Congress.

With this process, which in all its essential features was completed in the 11th century, doctrinal developments had little or nothing to do, though from the 9th century onwards liturgiologists were busy expounding the mystic symbolism of garments which, until their imagination set to work, had for the most part no symbolism whatever (see below).

Either this look meant nothing but that as long as one has eyes they must look somewhere, or it meant too much.

She breathed in nothing but water and panicked, clawing at the arm wrapped around her.

Napoleon was here defeated, and with only 30,000 men at his back he was compelled to renounce all ideas of a further offensive, and he retired to rest his troops to Reims. Here he remained unmolested for a few days, fop Blucher was struck down by sickness, and in his absence nothing was done.

The village is celebrated as the site of the following discovery: In 1896 interest having been aroused by the discovery, only twelve miles away, of the Buddha's birthplace (see LuMBINI), William Peppe, then resident manager of the Birdpur estate, opened a ruined tope or burial mound situate at Piprawa, but nothing of importance was found.