Sentence Examples with the word notes

Our earliest notice of them is in a remarkable collection of early Arab notes on India and China (A.D.

Diplomatic notes are written communications exchanged between diplomatic agents or between them and the ministers of foreign affairs of the government to which they are accredited; they differ from ordinary letters in having a more formal character and in dealing with matters of more immediate and definite importance: e.g.

The fame of Erasmus Darwin as a poet rests upon his Botanic Garden, though he also wrote The Temple of Nature, or the Origin of Society, a Poem, with Philosophical Notes (1803), and The Shrine of Nature (posthumously published).

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Those on Aesthetics, on the Philosophy of Religion, on the Philosophy of History and on the History of Philosophy, have been published by his editors, mainly from the notes of his students, under their separate heads; while those on logic, psychology and the philosophy of nature are appended in the form of illustrative and explanatory notes to the sections of his Encykloptidie.

Fred growled, as he added more notes to his pad.

There in Petersburg they are always writing--not notes only but even new laws.

He was the author of several notable political pamphlets and state papers, and in addition edited The Laws of Pennsylvania, 1700-1801 (180 r), and Reports of Cases ruled and adjudged by the Courts of the United States and of Pennsylvania before and since the Revolution (4 vols., 1790-1807; new edition with notes by Thomas J.

With a movement full of dignity and grace she half rose with a smile of pleasure, held out her slender, delicate hand to him, and began to speak in a voice in which for the first time new deep womanly notes vibrated.

This was the authentic Scotch Acts with Bazdeev's notes and explanations.

In accordance with his general method these notes were in turn read over to him until he had completely mastered them, when they were worked up in his memory to their final shape.