Sentence Examples with the word notable

With an annual graduating class between ten to twenty students, the school was hard pressed to field notable teams.

The most notable of the later outbreaks were those in1879-1880and in1885-1886respectively of the Apache chiefs Victorio and Geronimo (c. 1834-1909).

All three are Gothic edifices and are notable for their elaborately carved doorways, in which free play has been given to the exuberant fancy of the Gothic style, and all three enshrine valuable treasures of art.

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Newton's law of gravitation affords the most notable example of the process of verification of a law of force, and incidentally of the Galileo-Newton theory.

The conclusion from these therefore was that the ratio of circumference to diameter is 34 This is a most notable piece of work; the immature condition of arithmetic at the time was the only real obstacle preventing the evaluation of the ratio to any degree of accuracy whatever.5 No advance of any importance was made upon the achievement of Archimedes until after the revival of learning.

The other notable book-collections of the city include those of the Athenaeum, founded in 1807 (about 230,000 vols.

Haidar Shehab, third of the line, inflicted a notable defeat on the pasha of Saida (capital of an Ottoman eyalet since 1688) and the Yemenite Druses at Ain Dara, near Zahleh, in 1711, and proceeded to consolidate Shehab power, breaking up the old feudal society and substituting for the sheikhs mukatajis (tax-contractors), who had penal jurisdiction.

Another notable form in old wooden building is the belfry (klokstapel) of some village churches, examples of which are seen at Habo near Jonkoping and Hasjo in Jemtland on the northern railway.

Her dexterity is not notable either in comparison with the normal person, whose movements are guided by the eye, or, I am told, with other blind people.

A notable instance is his doctrine of the Church - the community (Gemeinde); the sole object of God's electing love, according to Ritschl's interpretation of St Paul.