Sentence Examples with the word not to mention

I mean, those biceps, and that chest - not to mention fantastic buns.

I see no reason not to mention my suspicion about John Luke Grasso and his connection to Willard.

So was it in the long run with the Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion, springing from Whitefield's Calvinistic wing of the Revival, not to mention the congregational strain in some minor Methodist churches.

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After middle life he suffered from the stone, not to mention the common plague of studious men, an irritable mucous membrane.

Many chapters are lost at the beginning; there is a gap in chapter xxxvii., also before lviii., not to mention others.

And Leo X., not to mention intervening popes who showed themselves tolerant of humanistic culture, were heroes of the classical revival.

The Greeks recognized Hercules in an Egyptian deity Chons and an Indian Dorsanes, not to mention personages of other mythologies.

Goats are a mystery to him - not to mention an embarrassment.

Either he hadn't seen her or he preferred not to mention it.

Of a less severe type were Cherbuliez, the novelist; TSpffer, who spread a taste for pedestrianism among Swiss youth; Duchosal, the poet; Marc Monnier, the litterateur; not to mention the names of any persons still living, or of politicians of any date.