Sentence Examples with the word not surprised

He sensed the visions in her head, not surprised to see his own black memories playing on the screens on the back of her eyelids along with a dark nightmare of a man in a corner crying.

Furious, she stood and breezed past him, not surprised when he opted not to ride home with her.

She opened one cabinet, not surprised to see white bone china.

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Sitting on the sofa with the little cushions on its arms, in what used to be his old schoolroom, and looking into Natasha's wildly bright eyes, Rostov re-entered that world of home and childhood which had no meaning for anyone else, but gave him some of the best joys of his life; and the burning of an arm with a ruler as a proof of love did not seem to him senseless, he understood and was not surprised at it.

The phone beeped, and Dusty glanced at it, not surprised to see his other brother and Damian's commander of the eastern hemisphere, Jule, on the other line.

She accepted it and activated her channel on the net, not surprised when she heard the general's voice.

Looking at the opposition between these and the ordinary opinions, we are not surprised that Empedocles notes the limitation and narrowness of human perceptions.

Jenn started forward, not surprised when the vamp blocked her path.

She roamed the apartment again and opened all the closets and drawers, not surprised to find them filled, as if she'd lived there all her life and hadn't just arrived.

That we are not surprised to find him encouraging the citizens in the same expensive taste.