Sentence Examples with the word nose

PROBOSCIS-MONKEY, a large, long-tailed, red Bornean species characterized by the extraordinary prolongation of the nose of the adult male, which hangs, however, down in front of the upper lip and does not stand straight out from the face in the manner commonly represented in pictures.

It swung around, nose down and then darted off across the field and up into the sky.

Rhyn paced, eyeing Erik, whose bloodied nose had finally stopped bleeding.

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The face has a beaky nose and some indication of eyes.

In old age he was a mere skeleton, with a long nose and eyes of preternatural brilliancy peering out of his wig.

This man's features were scarred and masculine with a crooked nose that had been broken more than once.

She blew her nose and threw the tissue in the trash.

Cynthia pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose with an index finger and cleared her throat of that nauseating lump.

The antiseptic pine-laced air from the hallway made her nose wrinkle.

Others were exposed to bar room fights, muggings, schooled in army combat or at least been the recipient of a bloody nose from a third grade bully.