Sentence Examples with the word northeastern

A Scotch settlement under letters patent from the Scotch Parliament was made by William Paterson in 1698 on the site of the present Porto Escoces (in the northeastern part of the republic), but in 1700 the Spanish authorities expelled the few settlers still there.

Of Hull by a branch of the NorthEastern railway.

Between Guajara-Merim and this fall, inclusive, the Madeira receives the drainage of the northeastern slopes of the Andes, from Santa Cruz de la Sierra to Cuzco, the whole of the south-western slope of Brazilian Matto Grosso, and the northern one of the Chiquitos sierras, an area about Scale, z:2z,50o.000 English Miles 0 5 o zoo 200 390 equal to that of France and Spain.

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Larger villages are Westerly, in the western part of the township and at the head of navigation (for small vessels) on the Pawcatuck river, and Niantic, in the northeastern part of the township. In Westerly there is a public library (1894), with 23,323 volumes in 1909.

Such Lenca names occur on the northeastern boundary of the Ultra-Lempa country of Salvador.

The dale is traversed by a branch of the NorthEastern railway from Northallerton.

From experiments made on the NorthEastern railway (see a paper by W.

Occupying a position, then, at the confluence of the roads which connect northeastern China with its western and south-western portions, Si-gan Fu is a city of great commercial importance.

In the northeastern corner of the Maidan the Indian memorial to Queen Victoria, consisting of a marble hall, with a statue and historical relics, was opened by the prince of Wales in January 1906.

EDWARDSVILLE, a borough of Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., on the north branch of the Susquehanna river, adjoining Kingston and close to the north-western limits of Wilkes-Barre (on the opposite side of the river), in the northeastern part of the state; the official name of the post office is Edwardsdale.