Sentence Examples with the word northeast

The state of North Borneo may roughly be said to form a pentagon of which three sides, the north-west, northeast and east are washed by the sea, while the remaining two sides, the south-west and the south, are bordered respectively by the Malayan sultanate of Brunei, and by the territories of the raja of Sarawak and of the Dutch government.

To the northeast of Alfreton are South Normanton (pop. 5170), Blackwell (4144) and Tibshelf (3432); to the north Shirland (3929), to the south Ironville and other busy industrial villages.

On El Yunque Peak in the northeast corner, traverses the island from west to east and descends abruptly to the sea at each end.

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I have met people so empty of joy, that when I clasped their frosty finger tips, it seemed as if I were shaking hands with a northeast storm.

From Cape Anamur in Asia Minor, and its northeast point, Cape St Andrea, is 69 m.

Farther inland the Mishkeli range to the northeast of Lake Iannina and the Nemertzika mountains run in a parallel direction.

From it three routes start for West Turkestan; the one principally used climbs over the Bedel pass (13,000 ft.) in the Kokshal-tau and makes a detour round the east and along the north side of the Issyk-kul, while the others cross over the Muz-art pass (12,000 ft.), on the northeast shoulder of Khan-tengri, and the Terek pass (12,730 ft.) respectively, the latter into Ferghana.

Of Orvieto by road, situated on the northeast bank of the lake of Bolsena.

The northern and central districts were previously known as Adel, the northeast coast as Ajan.

The typical representative of the group is the great mole-rat (Spalax typhlus) of Eastern Europe and NorthEast Africa, which, together with a few closely allied species, has the eyes completely buried in the skin, and the head much flattened.