Sentence Examples with the word north sea

In mean breadth, into the North Sea by Holm Sound.

Leer is one of the principal ports for steamboat communication with the North Sea watering-places of Borkum and Norderney.

The Baltic is connected with North Sea by the winding channel between the south of Scandinavia and the Cimbrian peninsula.

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By the North Sea and the mouth of the Ems with the Dollart, and on the S.E.

AALBORG, a city and seaport of Denmark, the seat of a bishop, and chief town of the amt (county) of its name, on the south bank of the Limfjord, which connects the North Sea and the Cattegat.

The catch of the North Sea and Baltic fisheries in 1906 was valued at over 700,000, exclusive of herrings for salting.

Some of the amber districts of the Baltic and North Sea were known in prehistoric times, and led to early trade with the south of Europe.

A great difference, however, is to be remarked between the coasts of the North Sea and those of the Baltic. On the former, where the sea has broken up the ranges of dunes formed in bygone times, and divided them into separate islands, the mainland has to be protected by massive dikes, while the Frisian Islands are being gradually washed away by the waters.

Mill has shown that in the North Sea off the Firth of Forth the average depth of visibility of a disk in the winter half-year was 4; fathoms and in the summer half-year 62 fathoms, and, although the greater frequency of rough weather in winter might tend to obscure the effect, individual observations made it plain that the angle of the sun was the main factor in increasing the depth to which the disk remained visible.

On the 23rd of October the outrageous firing by the Russian Baltic fleet on the English fishing-fleet off the Dogger Bank in the North Sea was within an ace of causing war.