Sentence Examples with the word north island

South of the isthmus aforesaid, North Island rapidly broadens out.

In the North Island the moas seem to have died out soon after the arrival of the Maoris, according to F.

It has been suggested that the, jasperoids and diabases of the Tarawera Mountains on the North Island may be of Upper Archean age, from their resemblance to the Heathcotian rocks of Australia.

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For instance, Pterocarya caucasica does not grow nearer than the Caucasus, where it is associated with the wild vine - also found at Tegelen; Magnolia Kobus is confined to the north island of Japan; another species of Magnolia cannot be identified and may be extinct.

There has also been very little naturalization of parrots, but the rosella parrakeet of Australia (Platycercus eximius) is being propagated by escaped captives in the north island of New Zealand, and its ally the mealy rosella (P. pallidiceps) is locally wild in Hawaii, the stock in this case having descended from a single pair intentionally liberated.

An Australian tree-frog (Hyla peronii) is naturalized in many parts of the north island of New Zealand.

So profitable was sheep-farming seen to be that energetic settlers began to burn off the bracken and cut and burn the forest in the North Island and sow English grasses on the cleared land.

Disarmament, roads and land-purchasing enabled settlement to make headway again in the North Island of ter twelve years of stagnation.