Sentence Examples with the word norris

Sir John Norris was accordingly ordered to Ireland with a considerable force to subdue him in 1595, but Tyrone succeeded in taking the Blackwater Fort and Sligo Castle before Norris was prepared; and he was thereupon proclaimed a traitor of Dundalk.

From time to time as circumstances required, professions of loyalty which deceived Sir John Norris and the earl of Ormonde.

Norristown was founded in 1785, and was named in honour of Isaac Norris (c. 1671-1735), a friend of William Penn and a member of the Pennsylvania legislature, who had owned the land on which the borough is built.

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In 1589, the year after the Armada, he accompanied an English expedition under the command of Drake and Norris to the coast of Spain and Portugal.

In the Norris basin are the Black Growler and the Hurricane, which consist of small apertures through which steam rushes with such tremendous force that it may be heard for miles.

The founder was Benjamin Whichcote and the chief members were Ralph Cudworth, Richard Cumberland, Joseph Glanvill, Henry More and John Norris (see separate articles).

In the summer of 1570 he was, in spite of his protestations, designated to succeed Norris as ambassador at Paris.

Chapter by chapter in a folio volume entitled Anti-Scepticism (1702); John Broughton dealt another blow in his Psychologia (1703); and John Norris returned to the attack, in his Theory of the Ideal or Intelligible World (1701-1704).

Rohault's version of the Cartesian physics was translated into English; and Malebranche found an ardent follower in John Norris (1667-171 I).

Counter-attacks very happy; the attempt on Portugal in 1589 under Drake and Norris proved a complete failure.