Sentence Examples with the word norm

The royal norm was heavier than the common norm.

The only halfway pleasant phone call came from Norm Hunter in Norfolk.

Taking disease to be a deflexion from the line of health, the first requisite of medicine is an extensive and intimate acquaintance with the norm of the body.

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Courts of law are now the norm in the world, with laws being democratically established and widely published.

Slavery has been a historic norm and, for instance, the idea that a conquered person could become the property of the conqueror seems to have been quite obvious to our ancestors.

In the modern theory of complex numbers this is expressed by saying that the Norm of a product is equal to the product of the norms of the factors.

The more he stepped out of the norm to please her, the more uneasy she became.

The bishops, individually and collectively, are thus the essential ties of Catholic unity; they alone, as the depositories of the apostolic traditions, establish the norm of Catholic orthodoxy in the general councils of the Church.

According to Norm Hunter, the fisherwoman was so frightened she'd fainted dead away, while her 12-year-old son thought towing Willie two miles to port was super cool.

As a culture, we have decided that eating dog food is outside of the economic norm and thus regard it as poverty.