Sentence Examples with the word norfolk

Its Welsh form is confined to the sea-coast parishes, and on the Norfolk coast the creature is supposed to be amphibious, coming out of the sea by night and travelling about the lonely lanes.

If you ask me, those Norfolk guys would be better off checking the airports than the bottom of the bay.

He also carried out considerable works in relation to the Nene Valley drainage and the reclamation of land at the Norfolk estuary.

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He has to be out there, caught in the seaweed at the bottom of Chesapeake Bay, with the fish and crabs having a party, getting as bloated as the fat Wassermann twin lying on the slab at the Norfolk morgue.

Under the old Norfolk or four-course rotation (roots, barley, clover, wheat) land thus seeded with clover or grass seeds was intended to be ploughed up at the end of a year.

The chancel is the property of the duke of Norfolk and is screened from the rest of the building, although in 1880 this exercise of right by the owner was made the subject of an action at law and subsequent appeal.

The last of the dukes of Norfolk had left a child heir, Anne Mowbray, married to the infant duke of York, the younger of the princes doomed by Richard in the Tower.

In the latter half of the century another Norfolk farmer, Thomas William Coke of Holkham, earl of Leicester, 1.13 a (1752-1842), figures as a pioneer of high-farming.

Tracking him down would be difficult without stepping on the jurisdictional toes of the Norfolk Police Department.

On the average rather more than half the total of cattle is made up of store animals for fattening or breeding purposes, the fattening of Irish stores being a business of considerable magnitude in Norfolk and other counties.