Sentence Examples with the word noose

The noose fell directly over the limb and he pulled it tight.

Capturing his neck in the noose of her arms, she kissed him passionately.

I wished Dan luck and thanked him again for sticking his neck in the noose on our behalf.

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The Thugs were a well-organized confederacy of professional assassins, who in gangs of whom 10 to 200 travelled in various guises through India, wormed themselves into the confidence of wayfarers of the wealthier class, and, when a favourable opportunity occurred, strangled them by throwing a handkerchief or noose round their necks, and then plundered and buried them.

Capturing his neck in the noose of her arms, she snuggled her body close to his.

She captured his neck in the noose of her arms, directing his head down to her with a gentle touch of her hand on the back of his neck.

For small work the box can be replaced by a canvas bag secured by a special tripping noose which can be loosened when the bag has reached the ground.

Besides the noose and the net, the arrow, the dart and the hunting pole or venabulum were frequently employed.

Along with several other species, notably Ctenosura acanthinura, which is omnivorous, likewise called iguana, the common iguana is much sought after in tropical America; the natives esteem its flesh a delicacy, and capture it by slipping a noose round its neck as it sits in fancied security on the branch of a tree.