Sentence Examples with the word nonexistent

Julia and Rachel never missed a chance to tease her about her nonexistent relationship with Brandon.

In general, the small cotton farmer was at the mercy of the commission merchant, to whom he mortgaged his crops in advance; but this evil has lessened, and in some districts the system of advancing is either nonexistent or very slightly developed.

Further, the question as to how these elements may possibly have grown up in the general consciousness of mankind is assumed to be nonexistent or impossible.

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The view of Herbart and his school is contradicted by our primary judgments of and from sense, in which we cannot help believing existence; and it gives an inadequate account even of our secondary judgments in which we no longer indeed believe existence, but do frequently believe that a nonexistent thing is (or is not) somehow determined unconditionally.

She stared up at him defiantly ignoring his reference to the countless nonexistent suitors.

He gazed towards his nonexistent condo and crossed his arms, leaning back against the car.

In this boundlessness He could not be comprehended by the intellect or described in words, and as such the En Soph was in a certain sense Ayin, nonexistent (Zohar, iii.

New arrivals and departures at Bird Song were nonexistent as all present guests were staying at least through the weekend.