Sentence Examples with the word nonexistence

His chief work appeared in 1713, under the title Clavis Universalis, or a New Inquiry after Truth, being a Demonstration of the NonExistence or Impossibility of an External World 1 (printed privately, Edinburgh, 1836, and reprinted in Metaphysical Tracts, 1837, edited by Sam.

No one I knew of had ever seriously considered the possibility that without any conflict, treaty, war, or even a coin toss, the Soviet Union would simply vote itself into nonexistence in 1991.

Imagine if someone had come to you on January 1, 1991, and said, Before the end of the year, the Soviet Union will vote itself into nonexistence and peacefully break into fifteen republics.

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These secondary judgments of nonexistence are partly like and partly unlike primary judgments of existence.

Man is able to derive a measure of enjoyment from life in spite of the nonexistence of the orthodox gods; yet this enjoyment is on the whole negative, the avoidance of pain.