Sentence Examples with the word nonetheless

Warmly dressed and well-armed, Jenn nonetheless felt the predawn chill tickle her neck.

Eyes blurred by tears, she nonetheless caught the flash of silver eyes.

Accustomed to extreme risk, she nonetheless was not fully certain that enough of the boy remained to counter the beast Xander had become.

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Furious at Jessi, he was nonetheless concerned.

A full head smaller than him, Darkyn was nonetheless the most lethal creature Gabriel had ever known.

He dug for hours, until the shallow grave was nonetheless large enough for his mother.

In his beloved Italy his etchings are suffused with a classicism that nonetheless appeals to a contemporary aesthetic.

Recognizing his scent and presence, she nonetheless tensed when she felt Xander's huge hand on her neck.

Brady had no doubt Dan had chosen the team; the cheerful man was nonetheless shrewd when he needed to be.

Physically at ease with him, she nonetheless had no idea how to talk to a lover who was neither one she chose nor human.