Sentence Examples with the word nonchalant

The actor had a nonchalant delivery that was cool, honest, appealling and likeable.

The communities in the locality were in lockdown after Straffen's almost nonchalant escape and his presumed murder of Linda Bowyer.

Dean answered in a voice as nonchalant as he could muster.

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She had a nonchalant way of giving directions.

Her throat tightened, understanding the honor despite his nonchalant delivery.

The nonchalant attitude by the police to the bus burning has got a few people in Ramsay Street talking.

In a rather nonchalant response, Rumsfeld has cited the thousands of retired military men who haven't yet demanded his resignation.

As nonchalant as Wynn was being about it, he knew what it meant.

Adrienne shucked her coat and tried to act nonchalant in spite of the warmth in her cheeks.

He stared at the nonchalant Fate.