Sentence Examples with the word nonchalance

The guardsman struck with nonchalance that told Jule just how much he was being underestimated.

His nonchalance made her angry.

He treated his Serene Highness with a somewhat affected nonchalance intended to show that, as a highly trained military man, he left it to Russians to make an idol of this useless old man, but that he knew whom he was dealing with.

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On the journey thither he was caught by pirates, whom he treated with consummate nonchalance while awaiting his ransom, threatening to return and crucify them; when released he lost no time in carrying out his threat.

Her instincts didn't like Evelyn's nonchalance on the subject.

It goes with the territory to kill them, like you kill cows for hamburgers, he said with such nonchalance she was left speechless.

The helicopter lifted away before Brady had two feet in its belly, and the soldier holding her strapped her securely into a seat in the rear while the two of them stood with nonchalance in the center.