Sentence Examples with the word non-poisonous

So close indeed is the similarity that many monkeys, apes and human beings have an apparently instinctive fear of all snakes and do not discriminate between poisonous and non-poisonous forms. Hence it may be that innocuous snakes are in many instances sufficiently protected by their likeness in shape to poisonous species that close and exact resemblance in colour to particular species is superfluous.

Recent work has shown it is too feeble to be relied upon alone, but where really efficient antiseptics, such as mercuric chloride and iodide, and carbolic acid, have been already employed, boracic acid (which, unlike these, is non-poisonous and non-irritant) may legitimately be used to maintain the aseptic or non-bacterial condition which they have obtained.

Brit., 9th ed.) recognized at last four sub-orders: - Hopoterodontes, Colubriformes, Colubriformes venenosi, Viperiformes; the most serious drawback being the merging of the Peropoda in the non-poisonous Colubriformes.