Sentence Examples with the word nominal value

As no time had been fixed for this operation to cease, it amounted to an unlimited increase of a kind of currency that circulated at a nominal value much above its real value.

The nominal value of the copper money was 20 shahis equal to I kran, but in some places the copper money circulated at the rate of 80 shahis to the kran, less than its intrinsic value; at other places the rates varied between 70 and 25 shahis, and the average circulating value in all Persia was over 40.

Which were to be accepted at their nominal value as purchase money for the alienated property.

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The consequence of these further issues was instant depreciation, and the note of Too francs nominal value sank to less than 20 francs coin.

It is an attempt to capture the essence of the change, not the nominal value of the multiplier.

That valley prior to the Gurkha domination (1768) was under three native dynasties (at Bhatgaon, Patan and Katmandu), and these struck silver mohurs, as they were called, of the nominal value of half a rupee.

The copper money was in pieces of a nominal value of 40, 20, TO, 5 and i paras, 40 paras being equal to 1 piastre.