Sentence Examples with the word nome

Each nome had its metropolis, normally the seat of a governor or nomarch and the centre of its religious observances.

Well, every day at four o'clock Ozma has promised to look at me in that picture, and if I am in need of help I am to make her a certain sign and she will put on the Nome King's Magic Belt and wish me to be with her in Oz.

Bubastis, capital of the 19th nome of Lower Egypt, is now represented by a great mound of ruins called Tell Basta, near Zagazig, including the site of a large temple (described by Herodotus) strewn with blocks of granite.

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The ancient Atbo (Apollinopolis Magna) was capital of the second nome of Upper Egypt.

The highest nobility in the nome sought the honour of priesthood in the service of the local deity.

Avaris is generally assigned to the region towards Pelusium on the strength of its being located in the Sethroite nome by Josephus, but Petrie thinks it was at Tell el-Yahudiyeh (Yehudia), where Hyksos scarabs are common.

Moreover, in the earlier times we find the prince of the nome acting as the High Priest of the local god, but in course of time the state, represented by the king, began to an ever-increasing degree to take oversight over the more important local cults.

In July 1920 he arrived at Nome in Alaska having completed the north-east passage.

In 1899 it was constituted a separate nome (pop. 1907, 116,903).

Akhmim was the Egyptian Apu or Khen-min, in Coptic Shmin, known to the Greeks as Chemmis or Panopolis, capital of the 9th or Chemmite nome of Upper Egypt.