Sentence Examples with the word noisy

A lengthy term of office seemed to be opening out before him when, on the 31st of January 1891, Crispi, speaking in a debate upon an unimportant bill, angrily rebuked the Right for its noisy interruptions.

The Grey God gave a familiar, noisy sigh and turned, pointing out a window.

They are like the people whom they see every day, who prefer the crowded, noisy city to the quiet and freedom of the country.

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With a noisy sigh, he slinked out the back door of the kitchen towards the barracks.

Mme de Stael was not a persona rata at court, but she seems to have played the part of ambassadress, as she played most parts, in a rather noisy and exaggerated manner, but not ill.

In the breeding-season, however, it is as noisy and conspicuous as its larger brethren while executing its aerial evolutions.

The noisy Nationalist agitation which was maintained during this period of financial stringency reacted unfavourably on public order.

In the latter city his courage in rebuking the wife of Bentivoglio, the reigning lord, for interrupting divine service by her noisy entrance nearly cost him his life.

The music sounded louder and through the door rows of brightly lit boxes in which ladies sat with bare arms and shoulders, and noisy stalls brilliant with uniforms, glittered before their eyes.

He behaved with much coolness and self-possession when he was met in the streets by a noisy and disgraceful demonstration.