Sentence Examples with the word nogal

The incline is uniformly to the south-east, and apart from the few coast streams that reach the Gulf of Aden during the rains, all the running waters are collected in three rivers - the Nogal in the north, the Webi Shebeli in the centre, and the Juba (q.v.) I See also Abyssinia.

The Nogal sends down a turbulent stream during the freshets, while the Shebeli, notwithstanding the far greater extent of its basin, does not reach the sea.

At the instance of the Indian government surveys of the country between the coast and the Webi-Shebeli and also east towards the Wadi Nogal were executed by Major H.

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In a pitched battle fought on the 10th of January 1904 at Jidballi in the Nogal country the enemy were routed, losing over loon men in killed alone, while the British loss in killed and wounded was 58.

The Hawiya domain comprises the Ogaden plateau and the region generally between the Nogal and Webi-Shebeli rivers.

The Nogal and the neighbouring regions of the Haud are also known, from the tribes inhabiting them, as the Dolbahanta country.

To this succeeds the Nogal district, separated both from the Sorl and the Haud by ranges of low hills.

The mullah now broke away to the north, and, crossing the line of the British communication, established himself in the Nogal district.